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David Pilato

Developer | Evangelist @ Elastic

Jacopo Romei

Strategic Consultant
(author of Extreme Contracts)

Lorna Mitchell

Developer Advocate @ IBM Cloud Data Services
(author of PHP Web Services)

Marco Viganò

Digital CTO @ Edizioni Condé Nast

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services
(author of AWS Lambda in Action)

Gianluca Arbezzano

Site Reliability Engineer @ InfluxDB
(Docker Captain & author of Scale Docker)

Walter Dal Mut

Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud

Aleksandar Simović

Core contributor @ Claudia.js
(author of Serverless apps with Node and Claudia.js)

Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relation @ Clever Cloud

Paolo Patierno

Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat

Davis Quirico

Principal Digital Technologist @ Avio Aero

Lorenzo Fontana

Site Reliability Engineer @ InfluxDB

Roberto Freato

Solution ARchitect @ ODC Studio
(author of Mastering Cloud Development using Microsoft Azure)

Andrea Martelli

Sales Engineer @ Google Cloud

Mariano Cunietti

CTO @ EnterCloudSuite

#scalability       #database       #iot       #ci       #nosql       #coding       #serverless       #api       #realtime       #performance       #integration       #js       #machinelearning